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What are the Most Popular Categories?
Popular Pins Popular Boards
Average Activity of Popular Pinners
2757 Pins
35 boards
following 355
Top Pinning Sources
Top 10 Pinners
#1Joy Cho / Oh Joy!14,397,613 followers
#2Maryann Rizzo9,982,944 followers
#3Bekka Palmer9,780,081 followers
#4Jane Wang8,410,884 followers
#5Jan of Poppytalk8,308,101 followers
#6Evelyn ~8,195,410 followers
#7Bonnie Tsang8,035,689 followers
#8pejper // anna k.7,634,982 followers
#9HonestlyWTF6,514,328 followers
#10Style Me Pretty6,034,355 followers
How Users Spend Their Time on Pinterest
83.4% Pinning
16% Liking
0.6% Commenting
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